TESSALink CertNet Mobile - How To Use Occasionally Connected mode

    Open the TESSALink CertNet Mobile App 

    Do you want to switch to Occasionally Connect mode?

    Select "Yes"


    Select "Create" to create a new Offline Profile

    Enter Credentials and LOGIN

    Enter and Confirm your PIN


    Select the owners/locations that you want to sync. All data for those owners/locations will be included if no synchronization date is selected (more information below)

    Best Practice - press Select All/Unselect All prior to selecting owners/locations to clear any prior owner/locations selections for your profile

    If you want to update these preferences in the future, you will be able to Reset Offline Data within the Synchronize Offline Data menu


    Additionally, select the date that you want to sync. Using a Start Date syncs completed work and forms from that date forward. This practice reduces the amount of data that will be synced and stored on the device.


    Select "Confirm" at the Top of the page, then "Confirm" again to begin the Sync

    The next screen will show the Sync Progress - "Total Items to Update" represents Metadata items, not number of Assets or Forms



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