2020.11.9 Release Notes

    Improved Support for GPS tracking

    The TESSALink Mobile (CERT360) and CERTCheck apps add GPS data as they are used.

    We have added a new form field type, Geolocation, where GPS coordinates can be assigned to the task/form, not directly to the equipment. This documents where the form was used. You can now navigate to a piece of equipment or location where a form/task was completed.

    Be sure to update the Desktop and Mobile Applications to receive these latest updates.

    Tracking Equipment Location with CERTCheck

    TESSALink's CERTCheck app is designed to support pre-job safety checks. A side-benefit is its ability to track equipment location.
    A TESSALink customer supporting hurricane relief on the Gulf Coast, used daily tracking to document the location of their equipment. This helped them provide important billing information derived from their daily equipment inspections.

    ID Work Item Type Title
    5063 User Story Certificate Attachment Label
    5069 User Story Add GPS Coordinate Form Field Type
    5070 User Story Auto-Navigate to GPS Coordinates
    5106 Bug Customers are selected after the first letter when choosing on desktop
    5109 User Story Standardized Screen Search Results
    5118 Bug Performance is very slow when updating owner on Desktop
    5123 Bug Didn't capture GPS to asset after MA Fill form with GPS Form Field on Mobile
    5124 Bug Didn't capture GPS when MA Fill Form with GPS Form Field
    5125 Bug Error message when Complete the GPS Form Field form on Mobile
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