TESSALink Web - Adding Customer Specific Schedules

    Log in to with your username and password

    Go to Asset Management-> Asset Templates


    Search for the asset template that you would like to have a customer specific schedule


    Go to the details page of that asset template


    Go to the schedules tab


    If you already have schedules for that asset, the customer section will be blank


    How this works:

    Each schedule can have zero or more customers selected in this screen. If there are no customers listed, the schedule will apply to any asset created with this template.

    If there are one or more customers listed in this section, that schedule/frequency will only appear when an asset is created using this template AND has the listed customer as the "owner" on the asset when creating it. 


    In the above screenshot, the following would apply:

    Any asset created with this template for the customer "Customer 1" would have all four schedules on it (the bottom two specifically apply to Customer 1, and the top two schedules will appear regardless of the customer).

    Any asset created with this template for the customer "Chevron" would have Visual Inspection, Pressure Test, and Final Inspection (Visual Inspection specifically applies to Chevron, and Pressure Test and Final Inspection appear regardless of the customer)

    Any asset created with this template for any other customer would have Pressure Test and Final Inspection, as they apply regardless of the customer. 


    Save the Asset Template


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