Release Notes 2020.10.2

    ID Work Item Type Title  
    4811 Bug Users are not getting an email to reset their password  
    4837 Bug Missing Asset 49447 - although completed work listed  
    4867 Bug Search by Attribute on WEB isn't working  
    4941 Bug Assets page isn't being fully utilized  
    4938 Bug Testbench Settings resetting on Update  
    4891 Bug Infinity loading wheel when deleting a Workflow  
    4913 Bug Desktop Reorder contact needs to be consistent with WEB & Mobile  
    4812 User Story Total Counts for Assets and Form Summary-DT  
    4789 Bug Attribute Search not working on Web Asset Search Page  
    4791 Bug Request to update wording on the Downloads page on Web  
    634 User Story Add Total Count to Search on Mobile  
    4248 User Story Total Counts for Assets and Form Summary  
    4392 Bug Schedules Page Not Properly Displaying Records  
    4716 User Story Form creates schedule with no frequency when using mass action  
    4916 Bug Discard message after I click Save & Fill Form for Create Multiple assets  
    4917 Bug Didn't populate asset data when click back button after cloning  
    4921 Bug Remove Customer Of check when creating users for branches  
    4933 Bug Didn't update the GPS to current coordinates  
    4896 Bug Discard msg though I didn't make any changes on Completed Work  
    4849 User Story Improve Intuitiveness of Tab Control on Mobile  
    4946 Bug "Feature Permission Denied on Device"  
    4783 User Story Add Sort to Search on mobile  
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