TESSALink Desktop - Connecting an ESI Transducer for Testbench

    Open ESI Software

    Once ESI connects, press start and check the pressure readings (If the ESI Software does not show up you will need to unplug the Transducer from your computer and then reconnect. The Transducer will then show up and you can press the start button)

    Press stop, then close the ESI software 

    Open the Tessalink desktop application and log in

    On the left menu, press Testbench Settings


    Change Load Cell Type to ESI USB Sensor


    ESI USB button will appear in bottom right, press ESI USB button


    New window opens and transducer will show

    Check off box with the transducer listed

    Note: The loading wheel will always be there. You can check the box even with the loading wheel spinning.

    Press Start and the total number of readings will go up 

    Press Stop 

    Close out of the new window

    Press OK on testbench settings



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