TESSALink Web - Customer Imports


    CorporateContact.Name (Required) – the name of the company to add

    CorporateContact.Email (Required) – the email of a contact at the company being added

    CorporateContact.Description – the description of the company being added

    CorporateContact.Address.Street1 (Required) – the address of the company being added

    CorporateContact.Address.Street2 – extra space for a second address or suite/apartment number

    CorporateContact.Address.City (Required) – the address of the company being added

    CorporateContact.Address.StateProvince (Required) –  the state or province of the company being added

    CorporateContact.Address.PostalZip (Required) – the zip code of the company being added

    CorporateContact.Address.Country (Required) – the country of the company being added

    PhoneNumber.Number – the phone number of a contact of the company being added

    PhoneNumberType – the type of number being added. Choices are Fax, Home, Mobile, Tollfree, or Work

    PhoneNumber.IsPrimary – If the phone number is the primary contact number. Choices are True or to leave blank

    Notes – any additional notes for the customer



    Multiple phone numbers can be put in the same row for the same customer. In order to do this, copy the PhoneNumber.Number, PhoneNumberType, and PhoneNumber.IsPrimary columns. Paste them to the right of the copied cells. This can be done as many times as you need in order to have all of the desired phone numbers.

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