Release Notes 2020.04.23

    Release Highlights:

    Date Format Options: Users you will now have the ability to select how there dates are formatted in TESSALink.

    Multiple Reports: Users are now able to generate a single report with multiple order numbers

    What else did we fix?

    1. Added units of measure to record Light Intesity
    2. Performance enhancements to mobile
    3. Added loading bar to mobile app when scanning assets
    4. Head Office Users can now create asset list and add assets to their branches
    5. Users now have the option to increase the Testbench stabilization time past 30 seconds up to 180 seconds
    6. Improved user experience when deleting assets and completed work
    7. Tenant header/footer correctly propagates down to your customers
    8. Head Office users can now create users for their branches inside their Head Office account
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