TESSALink Desktop - How To Use Selective Sync

    Open the TessaLink app

    Choose “New Profile”


    Login and agree to the terms and conditions

    Enter your PIN


    Confirm your PIN

    Select the owners and locations and/or date of completed forms that you want to sync.

    If you select no owners, locations, or date the app will sync everything(see below for more options)

    If you want to update these preferences in the future, you will need to delete your profile from the device and add it back in with the new settings.


    If a customer is picked, only that customer's assets and completed work will be synced down


    If a customer's sub-location is only selected than it will only sync down that sub-location's assets and its completed work


    If you only select a date, all assets will sync along with their completed work from that date and after


    If a customer and a date are selected then the customer's assets and their completed work from that date and afterDate_and_customer_picked.PNG

    If you ever forget what options you selected you can always press the settings button to show what is currently selectedsettings_button.PNG

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