How to Generate Certificate on Desktop

    1. Open TessaLink desktop version and log in with your pin or Username and Password if you are using the Online Login


    2. On the home page, search for the asset(s) that you want to test first


    3. Choose the checkbox next to the asset(s) that you want to test, then click “Fill Forms” in the mass action drop down menu in the top right


    4. Choose the type of test that you want to do (hydrostatic pressure test, pull test, or whatever your form is named)


    Note: Even though you are not running a testbench test, the form you are filling will need to be a "testbench" form. If it is not you will need to go on Tessalink Web and find the form in form templates and check off the option to make it a testbench form. 


    5. Click “Fill Form”


    Note: Do not choose “Pass” or “Fail” at this time, or the test will not run successfully.

    6. Fill in the required information, order number/customer PO if desired, and pass/fail/complete the form


    7. At this point TESSALink will ask if you would like to preview cert and pass/fail/complete form. Check off preview cert and the correct result of the form. Once the form is passed it will generate a certificate in the attachment section off the form. 



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