TESSALink TestBench - Running an ERV Pressure Test


    Open the TessaLink desktop version and log in with your PIN

    On the home page, open Testbench Settings


    Once in the Settings, at the top right check off Enhanced TestBench and select OK to save your changes.


    Search for the asset(s) that you want to test


    Choose the checkbox next to the asset(s) that you want to test, then click “Fill Forms” in the mass action drop down menu in the top right


    Choose the type of test that you want to do (hydrostatic pressure test or whatever you named the form)


    Click “Fill Form”


    Note: Do not choose “Pass” or “Fail” at this time, or the test will not run successfully

    In the top right, click the graph button


    If necessary for your company, choose the report template


    Add the working load limit


    In the top right, open “Options”


    Enter the required number of cycles, and adjust the rest of the settings to the correct settings for your test


    A) Number of Cycles - how many times you will reduce the pressure. For a shell test and 2 releases, that would be 3 cycles

    B) Required Hold Time – How long the piece will have to keep the pressure for the cycle to be considered a pass

    C) Stabilizer Delay – Amount of time between when the pressure hits the Target Load and when the timer starts. This prevents the pressure barely reaching Target Load then falling a few PSI under while you are still adjusting, which would fail the cycle.

    Note: Check the box next to “Use Pause Button to Move to Next Cycle” for this to work properly

    Start the test and pressure up the piece


    After the cycle completes, pressure down and pause the test


    Make any adjustments to the piece that you need

    Open “Options” and change any that need to be changed for the next cycle.

    Save and close

    “Go” on the test and pressure back up


    Repeat until done

    Choose “Stop”, then “Save and Close”


    Once you have completed the test, it will take you back to the form page where you can pass or fail your test and preview a cert. Also on the screen before you pass or fail your form you can enter in a an Order number or Customer PO number as well.


    Once you press the pass or fail button a prompt will appear asking you would like to Pass Form and Fields and Preview Certificate. Choose whichever options you would like and press pass or fail at the bottom right of the prompt.


    After you have pressed pass or fail on the prompt, the Result will change to whichever result you have chosen. And this is your sign that your form has been saved. From this screen you can also regenerate the cert if you would like to change any data or if you forgot to preview certificate. If you make any changes to the form and then press the regenerate certificate button, that will also save your changes.


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