Active (web)

    What it is

    The “Active” status is the default status for all assets. It indicates that an asset is usable or otherwise not removed from service. This might be something that is being quickly repaired/inspected, or an asset that is with a customer or ready to be sold.

    Where I can find it

    The status can be found on the page of an individual asset, and can be searched from multiple screens.


    What licensing is needed

    The status can be changed from any account with an Asset Management license and the proper permissions.

    Use case

    Company A, a frac iron recertification company, has several pieces of iron come in on a pallet to be recertified. Three of them pass the inspections and are recertified. One fails the visual inspection and will need to be rebuilt. The three working ones stay as “Active” status. The one that fails is placed as “Out of Service” until it is rebuilt and fixed, then moved back to “Active” to be given to the customer. To see which items are still being rebuilt, the worker can check all assets with the “Out of Service” status.

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