TESSALink TestBench - How to Run a Standard TestBench Test

    For installation instructions, you can view our previous article.


    1. Log in on the desktop application, either with the online login or with a local profile


    2. Using the filters, search for the asset(s) that you want to test first


    3. Click the box next to the asset(s) that you want to test


    4. In the top right corner, click the mass actions button, then click "Fill Form"


    5. Choose the form that you want to fill by clicking the dropdown arrow or typing in the box


    6. Choose "Fill Form"


    7. Click the picture of the graph in the top right corner. This will open the TestBench application


    8. Enter your working load limit and test method


    9. Click "Start New Test"


    10. Run your test as normal. When you are done, click "Stop"


    11. If the graph looks correct, click "Save and Close". If you need to redo the test to replace this chart, click "Start New Test" and follow steps 9-10 again. 


    12. Add an order number and/or customer PO# if appropriate for your workflow. Fill in any fields if necessary. 

    Note: If your form template is set up correctly, some fields will automatically populate based on information from the test, such as Time at Target Pressure. For more information on setting up the form template, click here


    13. In the top right, click the green check to pass the form, or the red x to fail the form. 

    Note: Clicking the save button will NOT complete the form. It will mark the form as in progress. To complete the form, click either pass or fail. 


    14. If you want to preview/print the cert immediately from the app, click "Preview Cert". Finish passing/failing the form

    Note: You can set the "Preview Certificate" box to be checked by default in the "Settings" menu.


    15. Choose the Report Template. This will be the header and footer used in the certification. Click Confirmmceclip14.png

    16. You can choose to print the cert here if you want


    Note: In recent versions, there is a bug where TessaLink asks if you want to discard your changes after you complete the form. No changes have been made. Please click "Yes"

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