TESSALink Web - How to Use the Data Import Tool

    1. Log in with your user credentials

    2. On the left side menu select Data Import


    3. On this screen in the Type field you can select what type of import you would like to do (i.e. assets, form templates, and asset templates)


    4. You can select the Type and download the template for that specific data to import the data


    5. You can also add pictures to your import by putting the file name in the correct field on the template and then putting the actual file of the picture into a zip folder with the import template. 

    6. Once done adding the correct information and saving the template, you can select the Select Files button.


    7. TESSALink will then validate any information to see if everything in the file is correctly added. If everything is correct, the Import button will light up and you will be able to press that button and import your data. If there is incorrect data then TESSALink will show you an error message indicating why it could not import the data. 



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