Release Notes 2019.08.16

    Mobile Version - 1.55(29) | Desktop Version | 2019.8.16.2

    Bug Fixes

    • General
      • Improved sync speed and reliability when running a sync with low bandwidth
      • Removed the ability to create duplicate assets
      • Removed all duplicate assets from the system
      • Now able to move asset location with the Location and Status Management license, this includes moving assets through mass action
      • Desktop App is now only compatible with Windows 8.1 and up
    • Web
      • Newly updated assets are now syncing properly back up to the web
    • Mobile
      • Fixed the bug when editing a asset user would receive "duplicate asset error'
      • Completed work now shows properly on completed work section of app
    • Desktop
      • Removed the screen to select which tenant to sync as you are only able to sync as one tenant
      • Removed the save button for read-only users
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