Release Notes 2019.07.15.01

    Mobile Version - 1.5.3 | Desktop Version |

    What's New

    • General - Updated Testbench Requirements on Downloads Page

    Bug Fixes

    • General
      • Customer visibility of assets - Tenant can no longer view the child asset of a parent that he is not the creator or the owner of
      • No longer hangs when you click on Parent of an asset that the tenant in longer the owner of
    • Web
      • When you hover over forms it no longer says "safety"
      • When deleting a location and you receive an error, the error will state if the location has dependents
      • You can now search in the All Data search field
      • When you Export PDF on assets page it will generate all filtered assets
      • New feature on web called "Process Queue" allows you to run reports on a seperate screen and do other work while report is loading
      • Can now generate reports using default templates
    • Mobile
      • Moved attachments tab to end of form instead of beginning
      • There is now an arrow indicator to show that there are more fields to be filled in off screen
      • Created By is now listed on mobile app
      • Changed error message when trying to create assets with same asset number
    • Testbench
      • All files are correctly attached when running test on multi assets
      • Testbench Chart is now showing on second page on test certificate
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