TESSALink Web - How to Run Reports with Process Queue

    1. Log in using your username and password

    2. On the side menu select Reports and a sub menu should drop down, and select Forms


    3. From this screen enter information on how you would like to filter your report results. Any field with a * next to it, is a required field


    4. Once you have entered the information on how you would like to filter your report. Select the Generate button at the bottom right of filters menu


    5. After you hit generate it will take you to the Process Queue page. On this page it will run the report in the background while you do other work in TESSALink. You can also run multiple reports at the same time. If you have lots of reports in queue you can use the search fields to filter out your reports in queue. 


    6. When the report has finished downloading you will see a download button next to the report as well as a status of completed. From here you can download the report by selecting the download button next the report and the download will start right away at the bottom of the screen. 

    Note: The process queue page does not update automatically. If the report still shows as running, you might need to refresh the page in order to update the status and download the report. 



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