TESSALink Desktop/Testbench - Running Pressure Tests

    • Hit search to load all of your assets, or use the filters at the top to narrow down your search
      • Or you scan your RFID chips into the Chip ID field
    • Select which assets you are going to test with the checkboxes
    • Click the Mass Actions button at the top right, click Fill Form, select your pressure test form, and click Fill Form again


    • Click the chart button at the top right to launch Testbench
    • Enter your testing pressure and click Start New Test
    • Pressure up your pump and run your test, once finished hit Stop
    • Click Save & Close
    • Now you can fill in your Order # and Customer PO # and fill in any other fields on the form
    • Select the checkbox to preview the cert if you would like the pdf to open after you pass or fail
      • If you require paper certs then you can print them right away when you select this option
    • Click Pass & Close or Fail & Close to finish the test


    • Sync up on desktop after all pressure tests have been completed
    • Go back to web and go to Form Summary
    • Filter by your pressure test form and any other parameters to find the certs you want
    • Select all, click Mass Actions at the top right, and click Export PDF Attachment
    • This will download all of the pressure test certs into a zip file


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