TESSALink Mobile - How to Multi Create Asset

    1. Log in to the mobile app with your credentials

    2. From the main menu select Create a New Asset


    3. From here you can select it you would like to create an asset from a template or from scratch (the steps for creating multi assets from scratch or from template will be the same. You will just need to select the correct button when creating new asset)


    4. Once you select how you would like to create your asset it will take you to the page to fill in the asset information. Any field with a * will be a required field.


    5. Once you have the correct fields filled out. Select the Save Multiple button at the top of the page. 


    6. Once you are on the Create Multiple Assets page you can select the quantity of assets you would like to create by putting in a quantity in the quantity field and then pressing Refresh. Depending on the quantity you select, the asset fields will show based on the quantity. Once you have filled in the information for all the assets, click Save in the top left corner.


    A) The total number of assets you want to create (Required)

    If you want the assets to automatically populate sequentially, please fill out B-F as well. 

    B) Any prefix that you want to add for each asset. In the above picture, each asset will have "Example Asset" at the start of it.

    C) The starting number that will be used. Since I want my first asset to be "Example Asset 1", I used "1" as the Start Number.

    D) The increase in number that you want between assets. In the above picture, I want them to increase by 1 (Example Asset 1, Example Asset 2, Example Asset 3, etc.), so I used "1".

    E) Copy to Serial Number - If you want the asset number for each asset to be copied to the serial number, check this box.

    F) Copy to Barcode - If you want the asset number for each asset to be copied to the barcode, check this box.

    G) After you have all of the information filled out, click this refresh button to have the assets populate. 

    7. After you have filled in the required fields, select the Save button(floppy disk) at the top left. You will get a message saying your assets have been saved and it will take you back to the original asset you created. That asset has been saved already so you can go back to the assets page and see all the assets you have just created. 


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