TESSALink Mobile - How to Fill a Form on an Asset

    1. Log in to the mobile app

    2. Go to the assets page


    3. Filter out what asset you would like to fill a form on and select the asset

    4. From this point there are two ways to fill a form (skip to step 9 to see how to fill a form from the schedules tab)

    5. Once you are drilled into the asset you can select fill form at the top of the page, and it will show all the scheduled forms for that asset


    6. Select the form you would like to fill and it will take you to the form details page. To get to different areas of the form you can slide the ribbon above the form details


    7. Depending on what kind of form this is you can select pass all or fail all and it will fill the form with your choice. Then select pass or fail at the top to save the form as pass or fail. If you select pass or fail without filling in the fields then the form will save as complete and your choice but will not fill out the fields. You must select pass all or fail all to fill those fields or manually fill the fields yourself. If this is not a pass/fail form you can complete the form by pressing Complete at the top left of the screen, but no fields will be filled out. The form will just be marked as complete


           complete_form.png           pass_all_fail_all.png


    8. To save the form as In Progress you can save the form at any point by pressing the save button at the top right. 


    9. To fill the form from the Schedules page slide the ribbon below the Save button to find Schedules tab. Select Schedules and it will list the forms that are scheduled to that asset. From here follow steps 6 thru 8

    form_details_page_SLIDE.png          fill_form_schedules_page.png

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