TESSALink Web - How to Create a Customer User

    **Note: Only  users with Location and Status Management and Asset Management License can add customer users

    1. Log in using your username and password

    2. On the side menu select settings, and a sub menu should drop down. From here select Users


    3. Once you are on the Users page near the top right of the screen select the My Tenant button, this will show all of your current customers. Select the customer that you would like to add a user for. Once the customer is selected the My Tenant button will change to the customer that you selected. 


    4. Now at the top right select the plus button to add a new customer user


    5. Once on the page to enter the users info fill the info for the user, but do not check of any boxes. All fields with a * are required fields. (Please make sure when filling in the email that this email is a real email as this will be how the user receives his password. Also please be sure that this email has not been used in TESSALink before as this will cause errors in the account)


    6. Once the fields you like have been filled out, select the Apply Role button(shield) at the top right of the screen. On the drop down box select role as Limited User, and then select the Load button at the bottom right of the pop up window. 



    7. Now once that is complete, in the Permissions section you can now check off the boxes that you would like the user to have in the Devices and Limited Features section(Please see TESSALink Web - How to Create a New User   on the explanation of each feature)

    8. Once you have all the features you would like the Customer User to have select the save button(floppy disk) at the top right


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