TESSALink Web - Update Min/Max on an Asset

    1. Log in using your username and password

    If you would just like to update the Min/Max for one asset follow steps 7-8.

    2. On the side menu select asset management and a sub menu should drop down, and select asset template


    3. On this screen filter out which asset template you would like to edit the Min/Max for and click search. Once you have found the asset template you would like to edit. Select the asset template and it will take you to the asset details page.


    4. Scroll down to the details section and find the attribute with the Min/Max you would like to edit(only attributes with tag of number can Min/Max option). Press the Min/Max button


    5.Once you press the Min/Max button a new window should pop up and you edit the Min/Max for the asset template here as well as the minimum and maximum threshold for the attribute. Once the information is filled out, select the OK button


    6. Once you are back at the asset details screen and all the correct information has been added, select the save button at the top right of the asset details box to save your asset template.


    7. If you wanted to just update the Min/Max for one asset that is possible as well. Select asset management in the side menu and a sub menu will drop down and select asset


    8. Once on the assets page filter for the asset you would like to edit the Min/Max for. Go into the details page of that asset. Once you are on the asset details page follow steps 4 thru 6

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