TESSALink Web - Create Scheduled Email Report

    1. Log in using your username and password

    2. On the side menu select Reports and a sub menu should drop down, and select Scheduled


    3. From the Scheduled Report Summary screen, select the plus button at the right of the screen. This button will take you to the page to enter the information for scheduling a report


    4. From this screen enter information on who you would like to send these reports too and how frequent these reports will be sent out. Any field with a * next to it is a required field


    A) Here you can select how frequent you send out this report. It can be monthly or even as frequent as daily

    B) Here you can select certain months or days you would like to send these scheduled reports

    C) Here you can select the owners of the assets you would like in the reports

    D) Here you can select if you would like to send a report for a specific location where your assets are located

    E) Here you can select if you would to send reports on current, due, or overdue assets

    F) Here you can select if you would like certain tags on assets to be sent in you report

    G) Enter the emails you would like to receive these reports


    5. Once you have entered the information on how you would like to schedule your report. Select the save button(floppy disk) at the top right of the menu to save this Scheduled Reportschedules_save_button.png

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