Release Notes 2019.06.12.01

    Mobile Version - 1.50 | Desktop Version |

    What's New

    • Asset List Features available on Mobile - Users will be able to see the lists created on web on mobile devices by selecting the 'My Asset Lists' for lists assigned to specific users and 'Asset Lists' for lists that are public for the tenant 
    • Performance Enhancements - TESSALink's number one focus is performance and enhancements to performance will be an ongoing effort.

    Bug Fixes

    • General
      • Customer visibility of assets - TESSALink's customers can now issue logins to their customers and they can see their assets on mobile, desktop, and web. 
    • Mobile
      • Keyboard Collapse on iOS - The keyboard will remain in place while typing in Text type fields during the Fill Form process and Attribute entry.
      • App Crash on Logging Page
    • Desktop
      • Update Asset Properties Message on Desktop to remove the phrase 'My List'

    Legacy Clients

    • Missing Order #  on Legacy Client data - Migrated clients for our Legacy Software will.
    • Missing Attachments on Completed work will now appear
    • File Not Found message for Attachments fixed
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