TESSALink Web - How to Fill a Form on an Asset

    1. Log in using your username and password (Steps 1-7 will be filling a form through the Assets page. Scroll down to steps 9-10 to see how to fill a from through schedules tab)

    2. On the side menu select asset management and a sub menu should drop down, and select assets



    3. Once on the Assets page filter the assets you would like to fill a form on. Once the assets are filtered out, select the assets by clicking the box next to the asset number. Then select the Mass Actions button at the top right of the Assets menu and select fill form.


    4. A window will open and you can select the form you would like to fill out for you assets. If the form you have selected is a Pass/Fail form then you can pass or fail your form from this window. But if you select pass or fail from this window it will only pass or fail the form. It will NOT fill out the form. To fill the form select Fill Form


    5. If the form you selected was not a Pass/Fail form the options instead of a pass or fail will be Complete. If you select Complete it will give the form a status of Complete but will not fill out any of the fields on the form. To fill out the fields on the form select Fill Form.


    6. If you select Fill Form it will take you to a page to fill the form. Once all required fields are filled out press the Complete button(flag) in the top right of the form box. If you would like to save the form as In Progress you can press the Save button at the top right(floppy disk)


    7. If you select Fill Form on a Pass/Fail form it will take you to a page to fill the form. Once all required fields are filled out press the Pass(green check) or Fail(red X) based on the results to complete the form. If you would just like to save the form as In Progress select the Save button(floppy disk) at the top right. 


    A) In this area you can select to pass or fail your form or save the form in progress

    B) If you have a Pass/Fail form you can select the green check or red X in this section to pass or fail all the fields in this section


    8. Once you have filled in the required fields and have selected to pass or fail the form another window will open to select to either pass form and leave it how you filled out or pass form and pass all fields. This is the same if you select fail inside the form.


    9. Another way to fill out the form would be inside the asset details under the tab Schedules. Unlike the previous method this will only show the forms that are scheduled for that particular asset


    10. If you would like to see all assets that are overdue go to the side menu and select Forms. The sub menu should open and select Schedules. Once on the Schedules page click on the filter next to Due Date and use the filters as seen below. Once the filters have been filled out select the Filter button and the overdue assets will load on the page. 


    A) Here select today's date (If its June 27, 2019 select June 27, 2019 in that section)

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