TESSALink Mobile - How to Download an Export File

    Only download export file if told to by TESSALink Support

    1. Log-in to the app

    2. Once on the homepage of the app, select the three lines at the top left of the screen.


    3. Once on the Menu Page find the About button at the bottom of the menu. This will take you About page where you can download a export file.


    4. Once on the About page, select the Export button on your screen and your Export download will start. Once the Export has finished you will see a message saying "File exported successfully!". 


    (Steps 5-6 will be for iOS users. For android skip to step 7)

    5. After you see the message that the Export file download successfully, it will take you to a page to share your file. Click the box with the arrow pointing up at the top right of the screen to share this zip file. 


    6. From here you can either select to save the file to "My Files" or another option would be to save the zip file into  Google Drive(make sure your device does not sleep during this process or you will have to restart the upload to Google Drive again) or any other file hosting services.


    For Android

    7. Once the Export file has downloaded successfully, go to your "Files" app and navigate to the "Downloads" folder. This will contain your export. 

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