TESSALink Web - How to Create a New User  

    1. Log-in using your username and password.
    2. On the side menu select Settings and a sub menu should drop down, and select UsersUsers.png
    3. From the Users screen, select the plus button at the right of the screen. This button will take you to the page where you can enter the information for the new user.add_user_button.png
    4. From this screen enter User’s informationuser_basics_.png

            A-C) These are the only required fields that are needed to create a new user.

                C) The email entered here will be the user's new username (Please enter a real email as this will be                   the way to retrieve a password)

                D) Enter the user's employee number if needed

                E) Enter a description of the user(Tester, Document Control)

                F) Here you can upload a signature for the user to apply to forms 

    5. In the Standards section you can apply different permissions for the user. Such as if they can browse the Desktop App or the Mobile App.users_standards1A.png

    Also, in the Standards section there is a Limited Features tab where you can set permissions such as Browsing Assets, Documents, or Forms.users_standards2A.png

    6. In the Add-ons section is where you apply the other licenses such as being able to create and edit locations (Location Management), assets (Assets Management), or forms (Forms).Users_Add_Ons.PNG

    7. Once all the correct information and licenses have been added, press the save button at the right of the screen to save the new user.user_save1.png





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